Back Massage
The back massage relaxes and relieves tension of everyday life and relieves the associated pain . The energy flow and blood circulation are stimulated. Body and mind can relax.
30 min 30 EUR

Head Massage
Your face and neck are gently massaged while lying . A deep relaxation is achieved , and you get new energy.
30 min 30 EUR

Full body massage 60 min
The full body massage includes back massage, massage of the legs, foot reflexology , massage of hands and arms . Relaxation for the whole body!
60 min 60 EUR

Foot reflexology
The whole foot is massaged, especially the reflexology. The massage of the reflex zones gives you a harmonizing , stress- solving and revitalizing effect on the whole body .
30 min 30 EUR
Wellness Massage
By using high quality essential oilsyou reach a relaxing , balancing , stimulating or harmonizing effect.
30 min 30 EUR

Hot Stone Massage
The warming hot stone massage is about a 5000 year old technique from India. The transported heat from the stones penetrates deep into the muscles , stimulates the lymph flow , stimulates the self-healing powers and relaxes ??the hardened musculature. The overall result of the hot stone massage is a physical and mental balance, general well-being and a completely new feeling!
45 min 45 EUR

Matrix massage
The matrix massage combines the physical treatment in the form of a back, head massage or reflexology treatment with the energetic treatment of Matrix Inform ®. Blockages can be solved at all levels. Time and place of treatment can be designed individually.
30 min 30 EUR

By appointment only.
Price for the journey after agreement.

At certain times I organize training courses to teach the massage for professional and private use

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