Companies massage / mobile massage

To avoid tedious journeys and to increase the value of your relaxation massage, I offer you to come directly to your home or firm.

According to an official study of the Berlin Charité inability to work due to back pain in the companies causes annual losses amounting to billions of Euros.

In the Federal Republic of Germany back pain is the most common reason for sick leave.

By long, sedentary activities, usually on the computer and often in the wrong posture often leads to tension, which are reinforced in our daily high demands and stress.

Offered massages in companies lead to more motivation and better concentration at work.

A regular use by mobile massage can not only lead to a permanent reduction of back related sick leave, it also improves the working environment.

As an employer, you have the opportunity to cover the cost of massage in whole or in part. Or you provide your employees the time for the mobile massage service.
The expenses can be deducted from taxes and count as voluntary social performance .

And so the massage works in the office:
Make a room or space available . I bring a massage chair or massage table. I massage your staff by appointment.

Event massage
Take advantage of the benefits that massage will always generate curiosity and attention. Visitors combine massage with comfort and relaxation.
So you can use the mobile massage:

• Sporting Events
• Seminars
• Festival
• Open day
• Conferences
• at the Fair
• Exhibitions
You can guide your discussions in a relaxed atmosphere, have a special
Advertising effect and leave a pleasant and positive impression.

The prices are based on the price list on my website.
For appointments on weekends and evening, appointments after 20 o’clock and arrival and departure will be charged a fee by arrangement.

For further information and appointments please call me.