Classical homeopathy is a therapy which is based on Samuel Hahnemann. It is working with so called potentiated remedies usually in the form of beads (globuli).

I take time for a detailed medical history interview to get an all-encompassing picture. So I get a deep impression on your current physical, emotional and mental state. Than I search for the remedy that fits to all of these symptoms.

Classical homeopathy is suitable for treatment of acute, as well as for chronic diseases. It includes all levels of a person.


The mode of action is illustrated more detailed in a patient information.

What must be observed during a homeopathic treatment:

Taking the medicine
Please keep on taking the medicine exactly at the instruction of your homeopath.

Before and after each dose, whether in the form of liquid or globules, you are not allowed to eat, drink and smoke for at least 10 minutes.

Have you previously taken something whose taste lasts even more than 10 minutes, so please wait until that taste is gone from your mouth.

The medicine should stay in the mouth at least half a minute. The distance to the last and next tooth brushing should be at least one hour.

Storage of medicine
Please do not store the remedy in the area of essential oils.
It must not be exposed to sunlight.
Of electromagnetic fields, a minimum distance of 3 meters must be maintained.

What you should avoid, so that your homeopathic remedy can work undisturbed:

Essential oils of any kind, such as camphor, menthol, peppermint (including mint-containing toothpastes), eucalyptus, tiger balm, rubbing alcohol bath.
Coffee, caffeinated sodas and drinks with caffeine, such as Mocca cake and Tiramisu.


Additional therapies
Please let me know if your condition has changed, if you fall ill and if you are treated by conventional medicine. Also if there was an X-ray examination or dental treatments, please let me know.

Further Information
If you could not meet these recommendations, give me a  short call.

Many things have already been discussed at our first consultation, some may still unspoken, another will evolve or change during treatment.

The more accurately I am informed as your therapist about your mental, emotional and physical reactions as well as your life situation, the easier it is to use the most appropriate medicine at the right time .

Maybe it makes the treatment easier if you note things, such as dreams or special feelings and sensitivities briefly.

Important are all changes, even those that seem to have no direct relationship with me and the reason for your visit.

When strong improvements or deteriorations occur, please contact me, regardless of the agreed date.