Healing Body Journey
This unique seminar concept was developed by the alternative practitioners Bettina Witting and Sandra Salina Schulte and offers the possibility of three different seminars to touch the body, the soul and the spirit at all levels. The seminars are filled with the following contents:

1 Massage and healing body contact
In this seminar, a person is touched in every way : in its unity of body, mind and soul. Different massage techniques are combined with elements of craniosacral therapy , osteopathy , the chakras and energy work . Together we practice to take our counterparts in mindfulness exercise and to feel energy blockages , to set processes of Healing in motion .

2 Healing Sounds
Everything is vibration! Sounds bring our cells on the water portion of our body into harmonic motion. At this evening we practice the healing effect on blockades by sound. You can try different sounds such as dolphin voices, singing bowls, cymbals, gong, mantra singing and their response to  your own body.

3 Meditation and Relaxation
At this evening we want to convey imaginary relaxing and healing journeys. By a training of different techniques of meditation it eases the access. Gentle touch can deepen the meditative status. The participants will learn the hypnotic trance status, perceive their own bodies. Healing processes can be initiated.

The seminar parts can be attended individually. They do not build on each other.
Experience is not necessary.