REMEDY OF THE DAY: CENCHRIS CONTORTRIX Common name: Copperhead Snake (ANCISTRODON). This remedy was proved by kent in the year 1924. Chief Symptoms: Swelling like bags over eyes and under brows. Nausea, better by ice; worse by water. Intolerance to tight chlothing. Early morning diarrhoea. Cough worse 3 pm with escape of urine. Thirst for small quantities of water. Marked alternation of moods. Awakes with throbbing in vulva and anus. Like the other snake poisons, it affects the system profoundly. Like arsenic, it has dyspnœa, mental and physical restlessness, thirst for small quantities of water, necessity for having clothing loose, like Laches. Marked alternation of moods; vivid dreams. Is a wonderful restorative and deep acting remedy. Increased sexual desire in both sexes. Ineffectual attempts to recline. Right ovarian region painful. Forgetful, absent-minded, alternating moods. Aching pain in left frontal eminence and left side of teeth. Swelling around eyes, aching and itching in eyes. Feels distended, fills whole chest, as if it fell down in abdomen; sharp stitches, fluttering under left scapula. Dreams horrible and vivid; lascivious. Worse, pressure; lying down; afternoon and night. Ars; Laches. Clotho Arictans--Puff Adder.--Should have a great sphere of usefulness in many conditions where excessive swelling is a leading feature (John H. Clarke, M. D). Kartik

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Vitex agnus-castus, also called Vitex, Chaste Tree,
Chasteberry, Abraham's Balm or Monk's Pepper,
Keuschlamm in Germany, is a native of the Mediterranean
region, we use seed of it. SEXUAL ORGANISM AREA
Boericke W.: A prominent remedy for sprains and strains.
gnawing itching in all parts, especially eyes, tachycardia
caused by tobacco in neurotic young men.
Douglass M.E Pearls of homeopathy
Agnus a remedy in sexual melancholia and simple impotence.
Extreme absence of mind, unable to recollect things.
Sexual desire, lessened, almost lost, Penis so relaxed
that voluptuous fancies excite no erections. Testes cold,
swollen, hard and painful. Penis small, flacid and cold.
Impotence with gleet. Yellow urethral discharge, gonorrhea
Gleet without sexual desire or erections.
Allen HC, Keynotes and Characteristics, "old sinners" with
impotence and gleet, unmarried persons suffering from
nervous debility. PREMATURE OLD AGE: melancholy,
apathy, self contempt, arising in young persons from
abuse of the sexual powers, from seminal losses.
Complete impotence, coldness of genitalia, impotence
after frequent attacks of gonorrhea, and bad effects from
suppressed gonorrhea, leucorrhea, transparent, but staining
linen yellow, passes imperceptibly from the very relaxed
parts. Deficient secretion or suppression of milk in
nursing women often with great sadness, says she will
die. Complaints of imaginary odor before the nose, as }
of herring or musk.
prevents excoriation from walking. Relations with
Caladium and Selenium, follow well after Agnus
The Sycosis miasma of Agnus, good in menses suppressed
or retarded, with drawing pains in the abdomen, melancholy
sad, self-contempt, disgust with life generally, complete
obliteration of sexual desire, or sexual desire greatly increased.
Sterility, with suppressed menses and loss of sexual power.
It is said that the Jewish women used this remedy to
destroy sexual desire while attending their passover
Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopatica behhill

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Lac caninum

Dog's Milk
Probably no remedy in the Materia Medica presents a more valuable
pathogenesis in symptoms of the throat, or one that will better repay a
carefully study, Like Lach. this remedy has met with the most violent
... opposition from prejudice and ignorance, with its wonderful therapeutic
powers have slowly, yet surely overcome. It was successfully used by
Dioscorides, Pliny, and Sextus in ancient times, and revived in New York
by Reisig, Bayard and Swan in the successful treatment of diphtheria when exudation begins at the left side and
goes to the right or changes size repeatedly
Reisig was the first to potentize it.
Diphtheria and Tonsillitis shining glaze appearance.
For nervous restless highly sensitive organisms,
erratic sympoms, pains flying from one
part to another, changeable from side to side including
rheumatism but with erratic symptoms, pains constantly flying
from one part to another. Very forgetful. when writing, omits
final letter or letters in a word, cannot concentrate the mind
to read or study, very nervous.
Very forgetful Despondent, hopless, thinks her disease is
incurable. for people who suffer chronic blues
Children cries and screams all the time < night. for people who
have a hard attachment to the mother or did not
have one and has a sense of being abandoned,
babies that were not nursed by the mother.
Fear to be alone, fear of snakes, fear of dying, or becoming
insane or falling downstairs.
Coriza with one nostril stuffed up, the other free and
discharging white mucus, alternating nostril and lips raw.
Rage attacks, Very hungry, menses too early.
To dry up milk or to bring it back, with great prostration.
Sexual organs easily excited from touch, pressure and
friction by walking.
Lac c, has a sensation that she or he is dirty, specially
because the way they think about sex, they feel dirty
if they have done something wrong in their mind.
Not guilt or to be punished by God like Lillium T.
dirty or filthy all over the body also in rape problems.
by Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Medicina Homeopática Behhill
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Helix tosta

Even dough Clarke mentions the remedy used as powder in frequent attacs of hemoptysis, hoarseness with dry cough < at night with sleeplessness, < going up stairs,
fearful after the remedy and also used in a l...ady with tuberculosis diatesis after delivery with hemorrhage later on
her tuberculosis state bettered, after giving her the Helix powder.
But is was not until 2010 that was proved by the American Medical College of Homeopathy; 1951 W. Camelback, Suite 300, Phoenix, AZ 85015;;
Luc De Schepper Live snails (Helix pomatia L.) are boiled in order to extract the body of the animal. The shells are washed, brushed, and dried in an oven at 150 C. Then they are progressively calcinated in an electric oven at 850 C. in order to obtain a very white residue. The powdered residue is odorless and practically insoluble in water and in alcohol; it contains not less than 95.0% CaO (m.w. 56.08). It should be stored in a well-closed container.
Repertory Extraction from the Complete Repertory (by Roger Van Zandvoort)and rubrics also 2005
The proving gives symptoms as
respiration difficult < ascending, hoarseness chronic,
anger at being treated badly or abused, rage or violence
They do not care for their youngs
Women want to get pregnant and grief that they could
not and a sensation as if a rope was tied around waist and chest and can´t breath
Feeling of being younger, chilliness, right sideness
suddenness in emotional and physical symptoms.
craving for sweets, carbohydrates and alcohol.
Dreams of building and pursasing buildings.
dreams of spiral
much corageous, self confidence was improved," I can do
what I want and say what I want and I do not care"
Wealth and purchasing of expensive things as a
prominent theme.
Sexual dreams, dreams of rape or sexual violatin with a
refusal to let it happen.
slowness with sensation of having something on their back
difficult to get rid off.
Desire of cold, damp wheather, feeling of mucous and
slimy on skin, nose, throat, feeling of being out in the rain
covered with old slime, stools feel slimy.
By Beatriz H Hill
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