Vitex agnus-castus, also called Vitex, Chaste Tree,
Chasteberry, Abraham's Balm or Monk's Pepper,
Keuschlamm in Germany, is a native of the Mediterranean
region, we use seed of it. SEXUAL ORGANISM AREA
Boericke W.: A prominent remedy for sprains and strains.
gnawing itching in all parts, especially eyes, tachycardia
caused by tobacco in neurotic young men.
Douglass M.E Pearls of homeopathy
Agnus a remedy in sexual melancholia and simple impotence.
Extreme absence of mind, unable to recollect things.
Sexual desire, lessened, almost lost, Penis so relaxed
that voluptuous fancies excite no erections. Testes cold,
swollen, hard and painful. Penis small, flacid and cold.
Impotence with gleet. Yellow urethral discharge, gonorrhea
Gleet without sexual desire or erections.
Allen HC, Keynotes and Characteristics, "old sinners" with
impotence and gleet, unmarried persons suffering from
nervous debility. PREMATURE OLD AGE: melancholy,
apathy, self contempt, arising in young persons from
abuse of the sexual powers, from seminal losses.
Complete impotence, coldness of genitalia, impotence
after frequent attacks of gonorrhea, and bad effects from
suppressed gonorrhea, leucorrhea, transparent, but staining
linen yellow, passes imperceptibly from the very relaxed
parts. Deficient secretion or suppression of milk in
nursing women often with great sadness, says she will
die. Complaints of imaginary odor before the nose, as }
of herring or musk.
prevents excoriation from walking. Relations with
Caladium and Selenium, follow well after Agnus
The Sycosis miasma of Agnus, good in menses suppressed
or retarded, with drawing pains in the abdomen, melancholy
sad, self-contempt, disgust with life generally, complete
obliteration of sexual desire, or sexual desire greatly increased.
Sterility, with suppressed menses and loss of sexual power.
It is said that the Jewish women used this remedy to
destroy sexual desire while attending their passover
Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopatica behhill

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